1.    Form In 1894, T&A Bata Shoe Company was registered in Czechoslovakia by the Bata siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin.

2.    120 years of History

3.    Current HQ in Canada (Toronto) and Switzerland (Lausanne).

4.    Operates in more than 60 countries over 4 main continents:

a. Europe with countries like France, Italy,
b. Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, China, India & Vietnam
c. Africa
d. Latin America

5.    Served more than 1 million customers per day worldwide, operating more than 4700 retail stores.

6.    Operates with more than 40 production facilities.

7.    In history, the Bata has sold more than 15 billion pairs of shoes.

8.    The biggest shoe retailer in the world.

9.    Currently operates mainly with both a Family and City Concept Stores.

Snapshots of Bata Myanmar
The New Bata, Our new shopping concept for your New shopping experience.
The New Bata concept in Myanmar offers the latest 1-stop footwear shopping experience like your mini footwear emporium. Operated in Myanmar under a master franchisee program managed together with Bata Singapore. Bata Myanmar offer 2 different Concept – City and Family store concept to suit every different Burmese’s footwear purchase.

“Bata Shoe almost at your door steps”
Bata Myanmar aims to be the largest footwear brand in Myanmar. We aim to open at least 3 stores in year 1 and target at having a store almost at “every corner” of major Myanmar population area.

3.    COMFIT
Bata shoe – shoe that you can wear all day.
Bata invest constantly in footwear research and design innovation. Bata operates 5 centers in Design, Innovation and sourcing office in Italy, Latin America, India, Indonesia and China.
Bata Myanmar works with Bata Singapore to capitalize on Bata’s strength in the latest technology in footwear design and construction.

4.    COST
Bata shoe – Value for money.
Bata shoe is affordably priced for every Burmese Priced from 25,000 Kyats. Everyone can buy a Bata Shoe in any of its family or City Store.

Bata Shoe – Every day new surprises
Bata Myanmar offer new items and designs almost every single month. With all items imported from Singapore, Bata Myanmar offer an International Collection right from Bata Shoe Organization that you do not need to travel far for the latest fashion trends or footwear design.

The “New Bata”, is a brand new Bata concept launch today in Myanmar under a brand new retail concept piloted by Bata Singapore in cooperation under a master franchise program with 3T Ltd Co, Myanmar.

Available in Myanmar from today, The New Bata in Myanmar offers more than 1600 designs every year, offering a wide sizing range.

The “New Bata” aims to introduce the latest designs & fashion trends for footwear and fashion accessories like handbags from Europe, Singapore and around the world!

Catering to men, ladies and children, The “New Bata” shop is a one stop footwear and fashion accessories shopping experience with all products being imported.

Bata Myanmar introduces shoes for both the ladies and men catering to their lifestyle.  Bata also retail shoes for children with its brand, Bubblegummers; and has a range of sports shoes, Power, that caters to the active and sporty lifestyle.

Bata brings in its own private labels like Bata ladies’ shoes for office wear, casual and lifestyle and weekend sneakers, Comfit Fit for the health conscious, Bata Flexible well known for its stretchable genuine leather; Bata also carries a variety of bags for perfect mix and match.

Men shoppers can also look forward to shoes suitable for all occasions! Available after June 2008, Bata Ambassador caters mainly to the professionals, managers, executives and business men.  Bata Flexible genuine leather shoes, Weinbrenner for adventure loving men and Bata for men from all walks of life.

Bata Myanmar is confident that it will contribute, grow and excel the shopping experience in Myanmar with a total of 3 stores in 2011 and with opportunities, open more shops in the following year, bearing an ambition to be one of the biggest footwear retailers in Mauritius.

Bata Myanmar (cont’d)

Infant – 60 years old.

Female aged 16-60.
Main group will be 18-35 due to a more trendy range of ladies footwear (with middle price points) Bata carries.

Male aged 16-60. Main group will be 20-40 due to a trendier or sophisticated range of mens footwear (with middle-high price points) Bata carries.

Children (Boys & Girls) infants – teenagers aged 16

Middle-High Price ranging from as low as 25,000 Kyats
Female:    25,000 – 82,500 Kyats
Male:       13,500 – 150,000 Kyats
Children:   18,500 – 39,000 Kyats
Sports:    35,000 – 54,500 Kyats
Bags:      35,000 – 110,000 Kyats


Now you can truly enjoy the true fast fashion indulgence by just spending Kyats 300,000 and above on regular-priced Items in a single receipt. Just fill up the application form and hand it together with the receipt to our staff in any outlet.


Simply present the Card to receive all the privileges,
* 10% off regular-priced items at all Bata outlets in Myanmar
* Get invited to special events, sales previews and more
* Enjoy special gifts and promotions
* No Expiry for the card. It is forever!


Any Loss or damage to the card, there is No Replacement and membership will be voided. New application is required by spending Ks 300,000 and above in a single receipt or total receipts within 2 months.


* All applications must be submitted together with the original sales receipts.
* The application must be completed in full of collection points.
* The cards must be presented before making any purchase.
* Member’s information will be kept confidential and used strictly for this loyalty program purpose only.
* The card is not valid for items on promotions, discount and offers, unless otherwise stated.
* The Card entitles Card holders birthday, additional 5% off regular priced items at all Bata Stores in Myanmar
* Card must be presented at time of purchase.
* For Birthday, Members are to inform Bata Shop, Card with ID of any change of personal particular for communication purpose.

Bata Sub Brand

Baby Bubbles are specially designed for the first year of life, offering comfort and support to your baby’s feet while allowing for growth and development.

Vibrant and fun, with distinctive designs that let you express your playful side. Colorful, funky, carefree. Enjoy the sunnyside of life.

With dozens of styles and colors to choose from, our popular Bubblegummers collection has something for even the most discriminating primary-schooler.

Power shoes are made with the finest materials and feature Bata’s legendary craftsmanship and durability. From football to tennis from running to cross-training—whatever your game, there’s a Power shoe to help you excel. Bata Power; it’s the spirit of the game

Fashionable styles, exquisite craftsmanship, and affordable style, you can always count on your Marie Claires.

Shoes you can count on, wherever your adventures lead you. Weinbrenners; think outdoors.

Dynamic, unconventional, iconic- that’s North Star.

Stores Location

Ocean - Tamwe

Ocean – Tamwe
No.232, 1st Floor, Ocean Tamwe, Yangon.
Ph: 09-30054963

Myanmar Plaza

Junction Square

City Mart

Sein Gay Har